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SN: 8th Issue

    We are happy to present the eight issue of our magazine. We hope that you will enjoy the read and come back next week!

This week :
  • SN: 8th Issue
  • Flash News: Week 9
  • GvG report
  • Teramillions
  • Question of the week
  • Screenshot of the week

Samael News Crew

Flash News : Week 9

  • Since many guilds elected as Vanarch have decided to leave the game or to move to other servers (<Tangra>, <Soul Eater>, <Elin Dance Squad>), some zones are left with huge taxes and obviously no shops nor services open. Abigaeil, reporter for Samael News investigated in Arcadia and discovered that the consequences of this political crisis aren't worrying the players so much.

    "15% taxes might be a little too much at first when you start but it's easily acquired later by the looks of it. It's okay" commented Thina.

    • <Whitestar> announced on the Samael forums that they're not running for Vanarch 3th circle. This to allow the leader Acharial to change his main character. Tired of his Mystic, Acharial switched for a warrior called Eridor.

    • Sunni and Araella announced that they are leaving <Pwnography>, and taking a break from the game altogether. The reasons for leaving are various. This includes the usual complaints about lack of game content and bad management by Frogster, but also some issues inside their own guild. Indeed, the guild Sunni founded together with friends when the game released has somehow ceased to exist. Old members leaving the game, new members taking their place, a change of atmosphere, and lastly the name change issue.
      explains : "The core of the guild consisted of friends that came together to the game, but last 14 days, maybe more, Sunni was almost alone. Most of the old guys he knew quit the game. Some of the game-related reasons, some of the personal related ones. The point is he was alone for the whole thing and I actually admire how long he held, and how he was capable of recruiting and refilling the holes, especially these days." 

    • "It wasn't just working the way it was meant to. We started out one way and ended up something else." confesses Araella.

      "We are hoping to come back if the content gets better" says Sunni. "I've a string of things happen IRL recently which are causing my playtime to drop. So as of right now, leading a guild isn't good for me. Especially as most of my officers quit."  ">Ellz had been in charge for some few days, before the guild decided and agreed to end it.

      "I think it's a move everyone agreed on. At this point people have different things going on and as the game is starting to settle, some of us have made friends in other guilds."

  • <Elin Dance Squad> is migrating to North American servers. Tired of the lack of content, delayed patches and population dropping, they finaly made the descision to move. This is quite something, considering that not only will they have to level new characters and face higher latencies, but also having to buy entirely new copies of the game. However, they could come back. It's up to the Samael players to make them regret their choice and make them miss us!

    "We aren't making this a final choice however, should EU Tera improve and provide all of the content that we should have already received, re-activated nexus and start keeping up-to-date with all future content releases we may consider coming back but only once the servers have recovered and the population has gone back up again" says Konachibi, in his good bye post.

    The Samael community will miss <Elin Dance Squad> a lot, and many said so in the good bye-thread. The guild was one of the most prominent on the server, active in diverse domains like PVP, PVE, or simply adding to the community a nice touch of fantasy.

    "This is not the kind of news I like to see when checking forums..." says Nyier, from <Nugatory Mortality>

  • Many are worrying about the population drop on Samael. This activity drop is due to many different reasons: not much end game content, lack of PVP, bad management from Frogster, Diablo III, holidays, etc. However, Samael is not an unactive server. All other Tera EU servers are having the same issues, but judging by the forums, Samael is the server were the community is most active.
    Different initiatives by different players and guilds are being organised to make Samael a living and pleasant place to play Tera. It's obvious that Samael players won't give up!

    "When I created my char I worried that Samael will be dead and Essenia is the way to go, but the community make up for the numbers, greatly." says Happyfeet, an Amani berserker from <Soul Reapers>

    "When I first played, the server was full, and everyone seemed very busy with their guilds and dungeons. The server was vibrant and full of life - but I still spent most of the time alone. Now, the server seems a lot less vibrant, but I have found more friends. This community is great, and as it contracts, it gets warmer and people get more interested in each other and are just fairer and nicer. In my opinion." shares Lightness

    As examples : Chobits, leader of <Big Eyes, Small Mouths> is organising a weekly event in the Isle of Dawn for new players and alts. Ellz, the ex-new leader of <Pwnography>, is organising Fight Club evenings where players of all levels can test and learn how to duel (we will speak more about it in our next issue). Betizurekin is proposing the idea of a tournament inspired by the soccer world cup. The low lvl PVP PK guild project <Arcadian Bandits> is organised to bring back some fun and excitement in Arcadia.
    A guild event (<Whitestar> gathering in Chebika) evolved and turned into a Deathmacth evening, gathering many players and differents guilds. <Divine>, <Hello Kitty Adventure>, <Soul Reapers>, <Pwnography>, <Exodus>, <The Crimson Eye>, <Warlords>, <Darkness>, <Lunar> and more...

    While some players are leaving the game, the ones left can still make the server a great place where to enjoy the game. A smaller community can easily be balanced by a better organisation.
    Following this mindset, Lightness (known as Deloria on forum), leader of a small roleplay guild <Never Riders>, is taking the initiative of creating a "community chat". This has the double advantage to both clear the LFG chat from useless talk and trolling, and offer to the community an in game channel to chit chat. A lot of players have already joined this customised channel, and we would not be surprised if it helped to create bonds between the players. So don't be shy and /join LFC 1234!

  • <Arcadian Bandits> is a project imagined to bring back some exciting PVP in a low lvl area often the target of high level griefers. The guild is open to every players on Samael, from lvl 11 to 25. It can be considered as an alt guild whose main purpose will be to PK in Arcadia. Measures are taken to make sure the initiative will be fun for everyone: 3 ranks will be created to assign members to a zone matching their level. In this case, the level difference between a Bandit and a "victim" will never be higher than 4 levels.
    The guild will be created Tuesday 3 july with a starting event. Arcadian, prepare your weapons and your spells, the forest and the fields will not be safe anymore!

  • Hifumi, leader of <Lunar>, in love with Miyafuji <Pwnography> had unsuccesfully stalked the Elin with striped socks for a long time. Everyone on Samael had followed their disputes on the forum, or could be surprised by Hifumi running after Miyafuji somewhere in Arborea. 
    Everyone that was present in Chebika last saturday for the Deathmatch evening could witness it: Hifumi was almost harrasing Miyafuji, who desperatly tried to escape her embrace. Following that evening, where the two Elin were forced by the circumpstance of an official Screenshot to dance next each others, Hifumi took the occasion to declare that she was married with Miya. Miyafuji denied it, breaking Hifumi hearth, once more.
    But today, Monday 2nd of July 2012, the Samael community assist to a happy end : the two Elin lancers are finaly a couple! 

    "And so from now, the two of us are in official relationship. I will no longer hide anything or try being too much defensive. Maybe our relationship may be a little bit abusive from one side.... but I'm OK with that, because that's just Hifumi-chan with so much energy and willpower to keep me near-by....That you for everything.... Hifumi..." conclude Miyafuji on Samael forum

    Samael News's crew wish them a long and happy life together!

    "It was really funny to watch the love-hate relationship on the forums between those two. And it is nice to see love prevailing in the end, during lately a bit grim time. I wish those two much hapiness on their new way of life!" comments Rhashazi, reporter for Samael News
  • GvG report

    Hello, Samael players!
        Another week and here is another GvG report.
        Following numbers apply to wars finished between 3rd of May, 14:13 and 24th of June, 14:31.
        We only had 83 battles in the last week. Apparently, with lots of guilds going inactive or leaving the server, the GvG scene is suffering, it is also reflected on the numbers below. Untill now we had 1368 battles. Results of those were summed up in our statistics. First, the most active guilds on the server so far:
    • Darkness - 121 wars | + 7
    • Divium Furor - 104 wars | +13
    • Tangra - 95 wars | +1
    • White Lotus - 85 wars | +14
    • Outer Heaven - 81 wars | +3
    • Overpower - 66 wars | -
    • Malectum - 62 wars | +1
    • Insane - 60 wars | +3
    • Fearless - 59 wars | +6
    • Trollface - 53 wars | -
    • Bad Manner - 51 wars |-

        As you can see, few guilds here did not take part in any GvG in the last week or like some of them, were involved in an inactive battle that resulted in draw. On the other hand, Divium Furor, Darkness, Fearless and White Lotus still are fighting!
        Below, once again, our rankings! The most succesful and the most unsuccesful guilds on Samael are:

    Highest Win-Loss ratio:
    1.Bad Manner, Divium Furor (+1)          46
    2.Outer Heaven (+1)33
    3.Elin Dance Squad (+1)31
    4.Tangra (+1)28
    5.Honor Bound (+1)21
    6.Innocent (+1)19
    7.Third Eye  14
    8.Icecream Lovers, Vehement   13
    9.Almost Awesome, Soul Eater       11

    Lowest Win-Loss ratio:
    1.Darkness -75
    2.Insane -39
    3.Vikings of Midgard  -22
    4.Trollface -20
    5.Malectum  -18
    6.Divine (+1) -16
    7.De Verdedigers (-1)-14
    8.Crimson Knights, White Lotus           -12
    9.Force, Fearless-10

    (numbers in the second column indicate amount of win-loss-surrender)

        As promised by Finkregh in the comment under last report, Divium Furor has managed to get to the first place, sharing the throne together with inactive Bad Manner at the moment. This little change was followed by most of the guilds getting one spot higher than before. We also have two fresh faces on the ladder - Third Eye and Soul Eater, both showing good shape in their last GvGs. On the horizon there is Pwnography making its way to claim their spot (they would be even higher if not the unfortunate incident with their guild name).
        In the second ladder there are no changes in the first five places, we can only see the guilds from here sinking even deeper. Divine switched their spot with De Verdedigers, while White Lotus and Fearless have showed up in the infamous table. The former one once managed to escape, will they repeat that little success?
        We do hope that the grim atmosphere will disappear soon and we will see maybe not higher but steady PvP on Samael server. While few guilds quitted, some new one have appeared, hopefully they will provide action in the nearest future.
        That's all in this week, see you guys on next Monday!


    Teramillion : Week 4

    Here are the results of Teramillions Lottery: 
    Sunday, 1th of July 2012

    Picked Numbers: 19, 13, 8, 15, 2

    (53 tickets bought -500g to win + 1 rebirth item)

    5 numbers ---- 0 ----250g
    4 numbers ---- 0 ---- 125g
    3 numbers ---- 4 ---- 60g (15g each)
    2 numbers ----10 ---- 30g (3g each)
    1 number ----28
    0 numbers ----15

    Remaining Prize for next week: 410g + 1 rebirth item

    Winners :
    • Kitsuna with 3 tickets - 15 + 15 + 3 = 33g
    • Lightness with 3 tickets 15 + 3 + 3 = 21g

    Question of the week

    Every week, you will find in Samael News the « Question of the week », asked directly in game by one of our reporters to players selected by chance.

    What do you think about EDS decision to move to NA servers?

    Elin Lancer, <Lunar>
    I guess it's a fine choice. I would do the same if I had better internet. But I love the community here and don't really wanna move away. So I'll just wait with patience for Frogster to patch the game and hope they'll return

    Elin Lancer, <Pwnography>
    Well, it is understandable that everyone is currently frustrated with how Frogster handled things so far, but to give up without allowing a game to develop and demand too much in so little time out of a small company is just beeing irrational. So I believe they made this decision in the new rush that has taken ouver EU Tera to just leave the game

    Elin Lancer, <Pwnography>
    Bad move, only some of them move there anyway, and I tested the latency myself, and you cannot play this game with ping 150+, not as seriously as they would like to

    Elin Sorcerer, <Lunatic>
    If there will be more people, I think it's good. More people, more fun.


    SotW: The man who gave Ginger a soul

    This week's screenshot was sent by Ginger (Elin Dance Squad). The screenshot shows Ginger and Thremero (Whitestar), in a very intimate moment ;)...

    *click to enlarge*


    Monday, June 25, 2012

    SN: The 7th Issue

        We are happy to present the seventh issue of our magazine. We hope that you will enjoy the read and come back next week!

    This week :
    • SN: 7th Issue
    • Flash News: Weeks 7&8
    • GvG report
    • Teramillions
    • Interactive Story: Prologue (Konachibi)
    • Interview with Steve
    • Article: Lack of interest in politics?
    • Fan Art
    • Question of the week
    • Screenshot of the week

    Samael News Crew

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